Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chasing Feathers

Working in a bookshop can have more benefits than you can imagine. Apart from the obvious, a bookshop being the best part-time job for my career path, it also opens your mind and lets you explore stories that you wouldn’t usually notice.

I saw a bookmark with a creature on the front that was utterly charming. On the back it led me to a website ( and there I found the most beautiful children’s book I’d seen in a long time. The story can only be bought online but an extract can be written if you just follow the links.

This is Jodi’s first novel, as she is a Melbourne based artist and usually makes clay-like models of her creatures and even paints occasionally. This is probably why you can only buy the book online, because she wants to make the story a sort of art piece in itself. The illustrations are just gorgeous you must flick through just to see what she creates out of our world

The story is about a normal city; however, if you look closely creatures are operating everything. For example inside the traffic lights are little traffic controllers operating the lights to change from green to red. This job is Yogi’s job however when he finds himself fired, he realises that he’s been searching for something else. As here is the beginning of his journey to follow his dream.
I will certainly be reading this to my kids when I’m older. Just beautiful!

Jinx xx


  1. it sounds adorable! except the creature on the front cover kinda scares me a bit. it scares me in the same way ET does cause the body is so distorted. like how it has uber thin arms and legs which look so... feeble. its freaky. but the story does sound intriguing and i like how there are little creatures living in everything! though i DO feel sorry for the one living in my phone cause it must get knocked around a fair bit by all the throwing...

    heaps of love,

    Helsinki xox

  2. Dude! When i was little, i thought there were tiny people controlling the traffic lights inside the traffic lights too!!!!!
    Wow... It's like she KNOWS me O.o
    CUte little guy on the cover :-)

  3. my sister and i thought exactly the same thing! except they werent creatues they were just little men....but close enough!

    i like ET. you art freaks are always about distortion. :P

    love love

  4. Thanks heaps for your comments on my book. It's cool to know there are are other people out there who thought there where little creatures (or people) inside the traffic lights : )